Thomas B. Williams Sleep Disorders Center At Baptist Hospital | Sleep Disorders Center Pensacola

The Thomas B. Williams Sleep Disorders Center at Baptist Hospital offers diagnosis, evaluation and treatment for people with sleep-related problems. The state-of-the-art center creates an atmosphere of peace and comfort with private rooms that feature amenities such as personal restrooms, comfortable furnishings and contemporary decor. Established in 1983, the center has helped thousands of patients plagued with troubled sleep.

Contact Info: Sleep Disorder Center
1201 West Moreno St.
Pensacola, Florida 32501
(850) 469-7042

Sleep disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea can lead to excessive daytime fatigue, narcolepsy, memory and concentration problems, impaired judgment and even heart disease. These impairments may make impossible for you or a loved one to hold  full time job. If you are unable to work due to a sleep disorder, you may be eligible for disability benefits. Contact The Ortiz Law Firm today for a free consultation to determine whether you may be eligible for disability.

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