Submitting Evidence to Social Security

Submit the Evidence As Early in the Appeal Process as Possible

According to 20 C.F.R. §§ 404.935 and 416.1435, claimants should submit additional evidence for their claim with the Request for Hearing, or within ten (10) days of submitting the request. Therefore, you should review your file and submit evidence as early in the hearing process as possible. Do not wait until the case is scheduled for hearing to submit evidence. ODAR is constantly screening cases for potential “on the record” decisions and updated evidence will help identify cases that may be reversed without the need for a hearing.

Do Not Submit Duplicate Records, or Evidence That Is Already in the Record

According to Social Security, this is a big one: DO NOT SUBMIT DUPLICATIVE EVIDENCE, or medical records that have already been provided. This a problematic and time consuming issue Social Security must constantly deal with at the hearing level. Hearing offices often spend several man hours on any given claim sorting out duplicative evidence. This can significantly delay the preparation of a claim for hearing. Avoid submitting evidence which is already in the record.

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