LTD Application And Appeal Tip: Make Sure Your Job Description Is Accurate

In your application for long term disability benefits, you will need to state your job position. This forms the basis for evaluating whether your disability prevents you from performing that job.

The insurance company will not just take your word for it. The insurance company will request a job description from your human resources department or employer. Your employer will then provide the insurance company with a detailed job description.

This job description is critical to the evaluation of your disability claim because the insurance company is evaluating your medical records to determine whether you can perform the material and substantial duties of your job.

Because the job description is critical, you must request a copy of whatever your employer provided to the insurance company so you can make sure that the job description accurately describes what you actually did on a day-to-day basis when you were working.  In other words, you may have performed your job a little differently than it is described on paper. These differences between your job “as described” and “as performed” may make the difference in whether you win or lose your claim.  For these reasons, it is very important that you obtain a copy of the job description to ensure it accurately describes your job “as performed” by you.

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