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Find the relevant information you and your family need after an accident and injury in these library articles. Experienced Florida personal injury attorney Nick Ortiz has prepared this collection to help victims get informed about their rights, Florida law, what to expect from a legal case, compensation available, and much more.
    • Stages of a Personal Injury Case

      Ortiz Law Firm is prepared to help injured individuals take action against negligent or careless drivers and vehicle owners.

    • Broken Ankle in a Personal Injury Accident

      A person may suffer a broken ankle in a car, motorcycle, or slip-and-fall accident, and may demand damages for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering

    • Florida Bus Accident Attorney

      Know your legal rights when you’ve been involved in a Florida bus accident. Contact an experienced Florida attorney to discuss your personal injury claim.

    • Florida Attorney for Birth Accident Injuries

      Tragic birth injury accidents occur during delivery. Medical negligence or doctor error can make birth accidents far worse. Your injury lawyer can help.

    • Dog Attacks on Children

      What are the benefits for parents from hiring a lawyer to represent a child injured by a dog bite? Our personal injury attorney offers a free case evaluation.

    • Florida Construction Site Accident Attorney

      In certain situations, victims from construction site accidents may have a third-party negligence claim in addition to a workers’ compensation claim.

    • Paralysis in Accidents

      If you or a loved one has become paralyzed as the result of the negligent or wrongful acts of another in Florida, the dedicated Pensacola catastrophic injury Ortiz Law Firm can help.

    • Traumatic Injury

      Many accidents resulting in traumatic injury can be treated appropriately in hospital emergency departments.

    • Damages in a Personal Injury Claim

      This article focuses on the basic types of damages that one injured in a car accident may seek as compensation for one’s losses.

    • The Litigation Process in Florida

      The process for filing and winning a lawsuit in Florida is very complex. Here, attorney Nick Ortiz gives an overview of what happens to your claim.