Broken Ankle: A Painful Result From A Car, Motorcycle, Or Slip And Fall Accident

An ankle fracture or broken ankle is a common injury in motor vehicle accidents and slip and fall accidents. The severity of this type of bone injury can range from a small crack to a compound fracture in which the bone pierces the skin. A minor break will often be treated the same as a sprain; pain can be relieved with medication and a reduced use of the affected area. More serious cases may require surgery to reposition the bone, or even bone reduction, when the bone is forcefully manipulated back into place.

How to Pay for Treatment and Other Expenses

Surgery for a broken bone is both fairly common and surprisingly expensive. Unfortunately, most broken bones require a healing process of four to eight weeks, and during that time the victim is most likely unable to work and earn an income. Those who are injured because of negligence are entitled to monetary compensation, even just for doctor’s visits involving minor breaks. In most cases, bones are broken because of accidents sparked by an obviously guilty party, such as a traffic accident. In other situations, the fault may be more difficult to pinpoint, like in cases in which a person is injured due to a faulty safety rail or poor stairway design.

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