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Disability Management Services

Disability Management Services, Inc. (“DMS”) was founded in 1995. DMS is an independent, third-party administrator and consulting firm that manages individual and group disability products, including long-term disability policies. This means that some self-insured companies and insurance companies outsource their disability claims management to DMS.

DMS is headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts, and has an additional office located in Syracuse, New York. DMS employs over 200 claims management associates. Disability Management Services works with leading long-term disability insurers and reinsurers to evaluate LTD claims.

  • In 2001, DMS was retained by The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, a subsidiary of AXA Financial, Inc, (now AXA Equitable) and Centre Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Centre Group, to administer Equitable Life’s Disability Income business directly written during or before 1993.
  • In 2001, DMS completed the development of its proprietary fully integrated policy and claim administration systems software in preparation for the data conversion of the MONY Life Insurance Companys (“MONY”) individual Disability Income policy information. The implementation of the system was significant for DMS as the company sought to further leverage its capability as a third party administrator of disability insurance products.
  • In 2003, DMS contracted with Galveston, Texas-based American National Insurance Company (“ANICO”) to assume responsibility for claim servicing of its in-force individual Disability Income insurance policies.
  • In 2004, DMS assumed responsibility to manage and administer claims for Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society’s in-force individual Disability Income insurance policies.
  • In 2005, DMS completed its conversion of all policy data from the mainframe systems of the Massachusetts Casualty Insurance Company (“MCIC”) to DMS’ fully integrated policy and claim administration systems platform, (“ideas”). The system supports the daily administration of approximately 50,000 MCIC policies.
  • In 2005, DMS was engaged by Jefferson Pilot Financial to assist the company in designing, pricing and administering a disability product concept called The Disability Income Rider, “an integral component in Jefferson Pilot Financial’s strategic initiative to provide a unique insurance platform for the mass affluent market”.
  • In 2006, DMS entered into agreements with ACE Tempest Life Reinsurance Ltd. (“ACE”) to assume responsibility for the administration of two Group LTD claim blocks reinsured by ACE. The claim blocks include blocks of business underwritten by five insurance carriers domiciled in Puerto Rico. In 2007, DMS entered into an agreement with ACE to assume responsibility for the management of an additional block of Group LTD claims.
  • In 2006, DMS entered into an agreement with Reliance Standard Life (“RSL”) to administer active claims under Group LTD plans underwritten in Puerto Rico and reinsured by RSL.
  • In 2006, DMS entered into agreements with Employers Reinsurance Corporation (“ERC”) to assume responsibility for the administration of two disability claim blocks; one representing claims under Association disability plans underwritten by UnumProvident and reinsured by ERC and the other representing claims under Group LTD plans underwritten by Ohio National Insurance Company and reinsured by ERC.
  • In 2007, DMS entered into an agreement with National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (“NRECA”) to conduct independent appeal reviews for their self-insured Group LTD participants’ denied or terminated claims.
  • In 2008, DMS entered into an agreement with ITT Corporate, Advanced Engineering & Sciences Division (“ITT”) to provide benefit eligibility and claim assessment services for Short-Term Disability claims submitted on behalf of ITT employees. Additionally, DMS was retained to provide Appeals Review services for select claims.
  • In 2009, DMS entered into an agreement with the Zoological Society of San Diego to provide Independent Medical Exam (“IME”) services, medical records and IME reviews, and eligibility assessments for their disability pension claims.
  • In 2010, DMS entered into an agreement with Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company and Columbian Life Insurance Company to assist in the design and pricing of a suite of Disability Income Riders for their life insurance portfolio.
  • In 2010, The Knights of Columbus announced the introduction of a new income protection product, “Income Armor”, for its members and their wives in the United States and Canada. The product was introduced as “an easy to understand, low-cost, high-value disability income insurance policy designed by the Knights of Columbus in collaboration with Disability Management Services, Inc. (“DMS”) and Munich Re to provide fundamental income protection in the event a policyholder is unable to work because of a sickness or injury.”
  • Effective January 1, 2012, DMS was selected to provide disability claims administration, adjudication and management services in support of Zurich American Life Insurance Company’s launched Group insurance business in North America. Zurich American Life Insurance Company is a part of the Zurich Financial Services Group, one of the world’s largest insurance groups.
  • In July 2013, Government Personnel Mutual (“GPM Life”) partnered with DMS and Munich Re to deliver a unique disability Income Protection product specifically for Federal Employees, GovDI. Designed to meet the specific needs of federal employees, GovDI supplements basic disability coverage provided under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), providing consistent income protection. DMS provides the underwriting, administration and risk management for GovDI.
  • In November 2013, DMS entered into a new contractual relationship with Asta Managing Agency Ltd to evaluate disability claims issued by Channel Syndicate 2015, a member of Lloyds of London.  This was the second Lloyds syndicate that has engaged DMS to provide claims evaluation services.
  • In December 2013, DMS was retained by Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. to manage claim appeals for their self-insured STD plan.
  • In July 2014, MetLife retained DMS to perform a six month group long-term disability claim review project. The claims management assessment project encompasses the review of group long-term disability claims for decision making accuracy and ongoing benefit eligibility.
  • In November 2014, Zurich Global Life contracted with DMS to provide a broad menu of claims management and accounting services in support of self-insured short-term disability plans.

DMS services include:

  • Full-service claim management
  • Complex case review
  • Appeals
  • Negotiation of disputed claim settlements
  • Special investigative resources

DMS prides itself on its “proactive involvement with every disability claim”. DMS’s website proclaims:

DMS claim professionals often interact with treating medical providers, specialized clinical experts, medical consultants, vocational specialists, forensic accountants, investigation professionals and legal advisers to gain a comprehensive understanding of each claim. DMS has access to the expertise of a national network of Independent Medical Examination providers, Peer Review experts, and Functional Capacity Evaluation professionals who help in the assessment of impairment and its impact on the claimant’s capacity to work. Our thorough, objective process ensures that new claims receive a fair assessment of benefit eligibility and active claims are appropriately managed for the duration of the disability.

In other words, DMS will do everything it can to investigate and deny your long term disability claim.

Attorney for Disability Management Services Denials

If you have a long-term disability claim that was managed by DMS and your benefits were denied or terminated, you should consult with an experienced disability attorney right away. Nick A. Ortiz is the founder of the Ortiz Law Firm. Mr. Ortiz has extensive experience in representing disability claimants when their benefits have been wrongfully denied or cut-off. Call 850-308-7833 for a free case evaluation to discuss your legal rights.