Top 10 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Florida Car Accident Claim

Top 10 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Florida Car Accident Claim

Car crashes can be terrifying experiences. Afterwards, you are in shock, confused about what to do next, and suffering from physical pain. It is difficult for anyone to think logically under these circumstances. That is why so many people do things immediately after a crash that could come back to hurt their claim for compensation against the negligent driver later on. By downloading and reading our free book, Top Ten Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Florida Car Accident Claim, you can avoid some of the common things people do that hurt their chances for fair compensation from the at-fault driver.

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We Give It To You Straight

Believe it or not—this is free advice from a lawyer. However, it does not take the place of working with an attorney on your unique case. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to car accident injury claims, but this book will get you started thinking about what you will need for a successful claim. In it, we explain why you should avoid making the following mistakes:

  1. Failing to obtain adequate information at the scene
  2. Failing to tell the doctor about all of your aches and pains
  3. Failing to seek emergency medical treatment at the scene of the crash
  4. Having a large gap in treatment for accident-related injuries
  5. Allowing the at-fault driver’s insurance company to take a recorded statement from you
  6. Letting the at-fault driver’s insurance company choose the repair shop for the damage to your car
  7. Hiding prior accidents or injuries from your doctor or lawyer
  8. Failing to have your doctor identify whether you have a permanent impairment rating or to identify the rating
  9. Claiming lost wages when you are not entitled to them
  10. Not contacting an experienced attorney for a free case evaluation or consultation

When you read our helpful book, each of these actions will be explained in clear language by an attorney who understands their potentially harmful consequences. We also include bonus chapters with additional valuable information about pursuing personal injury claims in Florida.


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Mr. Nick Ortiz is an experienced attorney in Pensacola, Florida. He has handled thousands of successful disability and personal injury cases. Mr. Ortiz has identified the ten most common mistakes that claimants make time and again during the process. He wrote this book to educate consumers about what they can do to avoid making these same mistakes and avoid destroying their own claims.
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