"... he (Nick Ortiz) answered all my questions, and he gave me the time of day."

"I was hurt while I was working for the government, and I felt betrayed that the government wouldn’t help me.

I needed an attorney to help me get my point across that I was hurt, not of my own doing, but while I was on the job.

I called a few other different attorneys and went to their offices, but the difference between (Nick) Ortiz was that he sat me down and explained the whole process to me— What needed to do, what was going to happen, and he answered all my questions and he gave me the time of day.

I would say, anyone out there, contact Ortiz Law Firm. Make sure all of your paperwork’s in order, and don’t give up… keep fighting.

Again, don’t give up. It’s worth it in the end."

-Michael A.