"Ms. Alicia and Mr. Ortiz Not Only Helped Me Win My Claim but Also Allayed My Fears"

"I really believe the only reason I won my Social Security case was because I switched attorneys and hired Mr. Ortiz. When I first decided to hire a lawyer, I made the mistake of going with a large local firm, where I feel like I was given the bare minimum needed to profit from my case with the least effort possible. I had no idea how my case was being approached to ensure that I would win my appeal; it seemed like there was no specific argument and that all my attorney was doing was refiling – something I could do on my own.

I knew that my case was very difficult to prove given the nature of my disability, so I decided to do my own research online regarding SSD cases for people with mental illnesses. I was able to get an entire book (for free!) advising me on the subject, along with multiple articles on legal sites. Reading these sources made me feel like I needed an attorney who specialized in cases involving my disability; a simple Google search brought up Mr. Ortiz, who had stellar ratings and reviews everywhere I looked. On top of that, I realized that he was the author of the book and articles I had read on mental illness SSD cases!

I called his office and was able to see him right away. During my (lengthy, as I was quite distraught about the state of my case) consultation, Mr. Ortiz did not rush me at all; he listened to all of my concerns, answered all of my questions, explained how he would approach my case specifically, and made me feel validated as a client.

From then on, as Mr. Ortiz’s client, I regularly corresponded with him and with Ms. Alicia in his office (she is very kind and patient) regarding the smallest of my concerns. They never made me feel like I was asking stupid questions or like I was bothering them, and all of my questions were answered immediately. I got regular updates regarding my case, and I always knew what to expect due to monthly letters from the firm.

I am so thankful for Ms. Alicia and Mr. Ortiz, who not only helped me win my claim, but also allayed my fears more times than I can count throughout this stressful process.

Bottom line: if you’re appealing your Social Security Disability claim, you need an attorney – and if you want to win that claim and be treated like more than a quick dollar, you need to call the Ortiz firm."