Can I sue my Florida employer for a fall?

If you fall on your employer’s premises, then you may not necessarily have a negligence claim against your employer, as you would if you fell at a store. However, you’d more likely have a workers’ compensation claim. Let’s change this up a little bit and say that you fell somewhere else. You’re still working for your employer, but you fell on a job site. So let’s use the example of a cleaning crew that came the night before. This cleaning crew is not with your company, and they accidentally left a soapy residue on the floor. You come in the next day, and you fall. If them leaving that soapy residue was a result of negligence or carelessness, and you fall and injure yourself, even though you were working, you still may have a claim against that third party cleaning company. So there may be circumstances where you’re working and still have a claim.