How do insurance companies determine the value of my injuries?

Honestly, most insurance companies use software like Colossus to determine the value of your case. Colossus asks the insurance adjuster to input different variables to determine the total value. For example, who your attorney is is one variable, the time of day, the weather of the day, the type of injuries that you suffered, and medical bills. Once they add up all these variables, then it will have an output of a total settlement value of your case. Now, many adjusters are limited to what’s given to them by this software. Other adjusters will look at the same type of information and do their own independent assessment, but the key factors for most insurance adjusters are what is the total amount of injuries that you have, what are the types of injuries that you have, if those injuries are permanent, what your future, expected medical expenses are, and finally, what your total bills are, to date. Once they have all that information, then they can come up with a good assessment of the settlement value of your case.