If I am injured in a Florida truck accident, how will I pay for my medical bills?

If you’re injured in a Florida truck accident, then the first place you should look is your own auto insurance. Even if you have health insurance, you should have your auto insurance pay it, because under your personal injury protection, if they pay for any of your medical bills, and you make a recovery against the at-fault driver, you don’t have to pay back your own auto insurance for the bills that they paid. However, if you have health insurance, that’s the second place that you should look, and it can be a supplement to your auto insurance. But, at the end of the case, you will have to, typically, reimburse your health insurance carrier for any bills that they paid. Finally, if you don’t have auto insurance, and if you don’t have health insurance, then you’re going to need to seek treatment with a provider who may accept compensation at the end of the case, out of the total recovery.