Should You Handle Your Own Personal Injury Claim?

Hi, my name is Nick Ortiz. I’m a personal injury attorney in Pensacola, Florida.Today I’m going talk to you about whether you should handle your own personal injury claim. Now, you’re going to hear that some attorneys will say that you should have an attorney for every single case. However, I don’t agree with that.

I don’t think an attorney is necessary in every case.

In fact, if you have relatively minor injuries, and your damages are going to be relatively small, then I don’t know that it’s economically advisable for an attorney to be involved. By the time you’ve paid a 33 and 1/3% attorney’s fees and all your outstanding medical cost, your net recovery might be close to zero on a smaller case.

That’s why some individuals may be able to settle their own case in smaller injury cases.

However, if your injuries are more substantial, then it is recommended that you get legal representation to help you in developing the record in your case.

  • An attorney can help you develop the medical records in your case, perhaps get a statement from your doctor about the extent of your injuries and tie it to the accident.
  • An attorney can help you document the legal reasons why the other driver is responsible for all the injuries in your case, in terms of your past, present, and future medical records and medical bills.
  • And if you’re wondering whether it’s worth hiring an attorney to represent you when your injuries are more substantial, then studies have shown that by hiring an attorney, your total recovery in the case can be much more substantial than by handling a case on your own.

You can get more information about those studies and a free e-book that I wrote called, “The Top Ten “Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Florida Car Accident Case.” You can download a free copy of this book at If you’re ready to talk to an attorney now, then please give us a call at 850-898-9904. Thanks for watching. We look forward to hearing from you.