Our Long Term Disability, Social Security, And Personal Injury Client Reviews

It can be difficult to know just who the right attorney is for your case. At The Ortiz Law Firm, attorney Nick Ortiz accepts a limited number of cases so he can provide effective, high quality representation. Hear from former clients about how his dedication helped them secure the compensation they deserved.

  • “… he (Nick Ortiz) answered all my questions, and he gave me the time of day.”
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    “I was hurt while I was working for the government, and I felt betrayed that the government wouldn’t help me. I needed an attorney to help me get my point across that I was hurt, not of my own doing, but while I was on the job. I called a few other different attorneys and went to their offices, but the difference between (Nick) Ortiz was that he sat me down and explained the whole process to me— What needed to do, what was going to happen, and he answered all my questions and he gave me the time of day. I would say, anyone out there, contact Ortiz Law Firm. Make sure all of your paperwork’s in order, and don’t give up… keep fighting. Again, don’t give up. It’s worth it in the end.”

    Michael A
  • “I thank God that I found Mr. Ortiz as my disability attorney and will not hesitate to recommend him to everybody!”
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    “Mr. Ortiz was pleasant and compassionate towards me since my very first phone call to him. He and Suzie made sure that I understood every step along the way about my medical disability claim. They were very professional and attentive to my case and took care of everything! I definitely felt like I was represented by a compassionate and “real” person, not just some attorney who is fake. He was very kind. I feel like Mr. Ortiz is an absolute expert with the Disability system! I thank God that I found Mr. Ortiz as my disability attorney and will not hesitate to recommend him to everybody!”

    Kris K.
  • “Nick Ortiz, firmly established quality performance as my social security attorney.”
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    “Nick Ortiz, firmly established quality performance: as my social security attorney. Example, he handled my paperwork with an airtight plan of understanding. In addition, Nick represents the essence of right attitude and masterful use of attention to detail. He is also highly proficient in the knowledge of the Social Security System. Earning my deepest respect were experience matters: Nick is the face of experience, marshaling in the sheer weight, and winning combination of being tried, tested, researched and recorded: as a person of better methods and tailored solution; in social security cases *****This is essential when your health is declining in front of you, and you are scared. This is important when , -because of being scared your source of who to talk to is on a short list; other than God (Jesus). When your emotional decline leaves you narrow visioned to express yourself clearly. Results can have an abrupt halt, to what was once normal to achieve. Nick was the hand up and not hand out, and with that, I thank GOD, and you Nick. Where there was a mess, GOD, —-and Nick showed a message. “The message” is you can get higher help with GOD; and when its comes to social security, you can get better help from Nick. Alica, also provides and productivity of increased professionalism, and beauty. Mr. Ortiz Sr., I call him “papa, is a pillar of strength, and I believe played full measure in Nick’s extreme intelligence in social security concerns. I place high premium of respect of persons mentioned: and I hope I paved the way for more clients for the Ortiz law firm. Daily living is a challenge for me, but with Nick as my coach, I believe I can keep from getting knocked out. Must respect to you Nick. I am humbled sir, Cearon.”

    Cearon Madison
  • “With Mr. Ortiz’s expert assistance, the SSA reversed their initial decision!”
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    “Mr Ortiz graciously took on my husband’s case pro bono in order to appeal the Social Security Administration’s decision to end my husband’s benefits. I am happy to report that with Mr. Ortiz’s expert assistance, the SSA reversed their initial decision! Mr. Ortiz was very professional and knowledgeable and I do not have a doubt that my husband would not have been able to win the appeal without his expertise. I highly recommend the Ortiz Law Firm to anyone who is currently having problems receiving their Social Security benefits.”

    Shauna Leas
  • “I’ll be grateful to the Ortiz Law Firm the rest of my life.”
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    “If u serious about winning ur social security disability claim. Contact the ortiz law firm. Its just that simple. The ortiz law firm has the knowledge, skill, an experience it takes to deal wit the social security administration. When i went to the ortiz law firm i was down an out. The ssa was trying to take me off my benefits. My lawyer at the Cochran firm dropped me when i needed him the most. I felt nobody cared. Man was i wrong. The ortiz law firm cared. Nick ortiz took my case pro bono. Meaning for free and won my disability hearing in front of a administrative law judge. Ill b grateful to the ortiz law firm the rest of my life.”

    Craig Simms
  • “Nick Ortiz is the most compassionate and knowledgeable attorney I have ever encountered.”
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    “Nick Ortiz is the most compassionate and knowledgeable attorney I have ever encountered. I spoke with other attorneys regarding a wrongful LTD denial, they were all interested in my case but NOT interested in me. Once I spoke with Mr. Ortiz I knew HE would represent ME, it was immediate! His calmness, empathy, integrity, and sincerity was exactly what I needed. He is a true advocate for his clients. The Ortiz Law Firm successfully had my claim reinstated. Thank you again, Mr. Ortiz & God bless you!”

    Virginia P.
  • “Nick and Alicia, you’re the absolute best.”
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    “Nick and Alicia, you’re the absolute best. You and your team restored my faith. Thank you so very much!”

    Robert W.
  • “Mr. Ortiz and his staff were not only highly professional but very sympathetic to me.”
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    “Mr. Ortiz and his staff were not only highly professional but very sympathetic to me. At the beginning, I had a choice between his firm and a larger one. I’m extremely glad I had gone with him. He and staff were diligent with correspondence and phone calls. I felt comfortable explaining my disability, which can be the most demeaning experience to go thru, and I felt he was definitely going to champion my cause. No surprises because he explains it all as many times needed. Highly recommend.”

    Naomi S.
  • “With Mr. Ortiz, I felt such relief and confidence.”
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    “Mr. Ortiz and his staff were very professional and kept me constantly updated on the details of my case. Until I became a client with the Ortiz law firm, I had severe anxiety about my case; after my initial meeting with Mr. Ortiz, I felt such relief and confidence because my case was finally in the hands of someone who really cared. If you want to feel like you are more than just a way to make a quick dollar, go with the Ortiz firm. I can’t say enough how thankful I am that I did.”

    Britney H.
  • “Nick Ortiz is amazing! His compassion and knowledge are excellent.”
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    “Nick Ortiz is amazing! His compassion and knowledge are excellent. When he talks to you it is always honest and he treats you with respect. His staff is very much the same. The journey with disability is hurry up and wait, with the Ortiz law firm they give you peace of mind while you’re waiting. I would recommend them highly to anyone going through this aggravating experience. Thank you Nick and Alicia for all you have done for me!”