An Attorney Can Help Document Your Economic Losses / Damages

Hi. I’m Nick Ortiz. Today, I’m here to talk to you about tip number four in our series about the top 10 ways that an experienced attorney can help you win your personal injury case. Tip number four is documenting your economic losses. What are economic losses? Those are things that you can relatively, definitively define in terms of your damages in the case, such as your lost wages and your medical bills.In some ways, these are relatively easy to quantify. Let’s say, for example, that you missed one month of work and you typically get paid $5,000 a month, then your lost wages are $5,000. Also, in the way of medical bills, if you have $50,000 in medical bills, then your economic loses with respect to your past medical bills are $50,000. But things can get a little bit more complicated in terms of determining your future economic loses. For example, how do you quantify your lose of ability to earn money in the future or your lost wages going into the future?

Sometimes you need to hire an expert to quantify how to determine what your future loses are going to be in that regard. The same thing with your medical bills, how do you quantify future medical bills? You may need have a medical expert come in to testify about what types of future medical care you need, the cost of those needs and the total amount of damages you’re expected to experience going into the future because this can be extremely complicated that’s why we encourage you to contact an experience attorney like our office.

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