An Attorney Can Help Locate All Defendants in the Case

Hi, I’m Nick Ortiz, I’m a personal injury attorney in Pensacola, Florida. Today, I’m here to talk to you about part two in our series about the top ten ways that an experienced attorney can help you win your personal injury claim.

Tip number two is that an experienced attorney can help you locate all defendants in the case. What do I mean by that? Sometimes, there is one defendant who was driving the car, who owned that car. There’s no one else responsible for the accident, so there’s only one person to identify. But, in some circumstances, there may be more than one defendant. For example, if the driver is different than the owner of the vehicle responsible for the accident, then you may have a claim against both the driver and the owner of the vehicle.

I’ll give you another example of the delivery drivers. What if you were in an accident that was caused by, say, a FedEx or UPS driver, and that driver was negligent and hit you while they were delivering packages for their company. If they were acting in the course and scope of their employment, then you may have a claim against the driver and the company that they were driving for.

Finally, I’ll give you another example of a non-obvious defendant that might be, for example, let’s say that someone was texting the driver who ultimately caused the accident. What if that person who made the original text knew that the driver was driving and therefore they should not have been texting them, which may have caused the distraction causing your wreck? You may have a claim against the person who created the original text. That’s an example of a non-obvious defendant that we can help you identify.

Because identifying all the individuals who may be responsible for an accident may be difficult, we encourage you to contact an experienced attorney like our office, and if you want to contact us it’s 850-898-9904. Thanks for watching. We look forward to talking to you in tip number three.