Cigna Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

Hi, I’m Nick Ortiz. I’m a Board Certified Disability Insurance Attorney.Today I’m here to talk to you about claims involving Cigna and or, Life Insurance Company of North America, or LINA for short.

You’re probably here today because your claim was either denied or terminated. Some of the key reasons why Cigna denies claims include the fact that they sent your file to a doctor for review. And based upon that doctor’s reports, they’re saying that you can work.

As part of that doctor’s review, Cigna may have had their doctor contact your doctors for their opinions, and sometimes your doctors may have said something that could really hurt your case and Cigna’s using that to deny your claim.

A third reason why Cigna might be denying your claim is because they performed what’s called a vocational analysis on your case. Where they’ve had a vocational expert or job expert review all the medical records and give an opinion that there are jobs out there that you could actually do. Based upon that report, Cigna will deny your case.

The fourth reason why Cigna may deny your case is because of a change in definition from what we call the own occ definition of disability to any occupation. What that means is under most insurance policies, they will pay benefits for up to 24 months so long as you cannot perform the material duties of your job. But that opens up quite a bit to whether you could perform the material duties of any job, which is a much broader standard, after 24 months. And it’s usually at that point in time that the insurance company will deny your case, because they say that you could do another job even though you were not able to perform your job.

And yet another reason why Cigna denies cases is because they may have conducted surveillance on you, without you even knowing it. That means that they hired a private investigator to follow you around and based upon the findings of those videos, they deny your claim by saying that the video shows you can do more than you’re saying you can do.

So these are just some of the reasons why Cigna denies claims, and we can assist you in going over each of those reasons and rebutting all of those arguments.

But you may be here for another reason and that is that Cigna is just flat out taking way too long to issue a decision in your case. You filed your application or appeal and Cigna is way beyond the timeline for it to issue a response. If Cigna has not issued a decision in the time limits required by law, then you may have certain options available to you such as filing a lawsuit, and we can help discuss those options with you.

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