Winning Your Traffic Injury Claim: Evidence And Proving Fault

If you are injured in a car accident, you will need supporting evidence to prove your case. There are many different ways that you can prove who was at fault in the accident, and you must have this evidence if you want to be able to receive compensation for your losses. A personal injury lawyer will be able to guide you through every detail of this stage of your claim, but here are some general pieces of evidence that you should be able to produce in your case:

  • First, you should have photographs that support your claim. Take pictures at the scene of the accident of anything that might be relevant, including vehicle and personal damage. Take additional pictures documenting the full extent of the damage done to your car.
  • Obtaining the police report that was filed after the accident can be an essential piece of evidence for your case. It is an official record of all the facts of the accident, often including who was immediately assumed to be at fault. If you did not receive a police report at the scene of the accident, you can buy one online.
  • Document any further information that could help provide fault for the accident, such as weather conditions, conditions of the road and any driving hazards at the time of the accident.
  • Also, thoroughly document any personal expenses that you have paid for yourself that are related to the accident. This includes medical costs for injuries gotten from the accident, vehicle repair or replacement and any wages lost from work.

All this necessary evidence can help you prove your personal injury case and help you receive compensation for your physical and mental damages, current and future medical costs, and lost wages.

You will need an experienced personal injury lawyer to assist you with your claim and in gathering all the evidence you will need. Call experienced personal injury lawyer Nick Ortiz at 850-898-9904 if you have any questions.