Construction Site Accidents

Florida Construction Site Accident Attorney

Areas of construction work can be dangerous places. Forklifts, cranes, scaffolding, ladders, saws, nail guns, and various falling objects have all been involved in serious injuries to both construction workers and innocent bystanders. Construction mishaps most often occur because of faulty equipment or insufficient warnings on machinery that can easily be used incorrectly. Accidents can also happen just because they do and can nevertheless result in some terrible physical damage, including brain injury, spinal injury, deep cuts, scarring and even death.

What’s worse for construction workers who receive an injury such as a broken bone is that it can keep them from doing their physically demanding job, possibly permanently. The toll this can have on a construction career can be devastating and that’s without considering the inevitable cost of healing. Besides the initial financial demands of surgeries and doctor visits, the healing process often includes repeated physician visits, expensive medication and sometimes physical therapy. When all this occurs while also being out of work, the individual’s suffering can extend beyond the physical pain.

Liability for Construction Site Injuries

In most cases of construction accidents, someone is at blame. In some instances it may be the carelessness of the individual who was injured, but is often due to negligence of an immediate third party, or of an individual or company further down the line. Experiencing serious injury because of damaged equipment or ineffective safety measures entitles the victim to seek legal compensation. Successful personal injury claims can get the victim funds for any physical or emotional injury, medical costs, time missed from work, and any future expenses related to the injury.

In order to make a convincing case, you will need an experienced personal injury lawyer to assist you. I have helped other individuals receive damages for construction site mishaps, and I can help you. Call my office at 850-898-9904 for a free case evaluation if you have any questions about a potential claim.