"Mr. Ortiz and Alicia Provided Me With the Absolute Best Representation"

"This Thanksgiving I will be giving thanks to Nick Ortiz and Alicia. Mr. Ortiz is hands down the best attorney in his field. Before becoming completely disabled, I worked for an attorney for over 20 years. One of my main skills was research, and I have always been a perfectionist. Thus, when I became disabled, I looked for the best disability attorney. Mr. Ortiz definitely fit the bill.

I contacted almost every disability attorney in the Pensacola and Mobile area. Not a single one of the offices I contacted would even set an appointment until after I had filed for disability on my own and received the letter of rejection. Mr. Ortiz was the only one who not only met with me, but filed the initial claim for me as well. He even answered the phone when I called for the first time.

Some of the other offices I contacted before Mr. Ortiz also said that they would not meet with me until I turned 50 years old, with the reason being that it was much more difficult to obtain a favorable Social Security ruling for anyone under 50 years old with my medical problems.

To illustrate what a great attorney Mr. Ortiz is, one needs only to look at my case and results he achieved.

I was 46 when the initial claim was filed. He not only obtained a favorable Social Security disability ruling for me, but he won without the need for a hearing! This was especially helpful because I will sometimes go up to a week with hardly being able to get out of bed, and my brain hardly works at all now.

He has a simple, but genius way of getting the medical information required to win your case. It is detailed in his free book “Top Ten Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Social Security Claim”.

His advice was always spot on. I didn’t follow it at first, and regret not doing so. When I initially saw him, I kept hoping that my doctors could find a way to make me well so that I could return to work. So I put off filing for several months, waiting to see different specialists. I only got worse as time progressed.

I have very limited time when I can think clearly, and so I have waited until those brief moments to write this review. It was very important to me to give the best review possible, since Mr. Ortiz and Alicia provided me with the absolute best representation.

I can never say thank you enough to them. My husband and I finally have some peace of mind knowing that we can now afford my medical care (we have gone through our savings and the ruling came at the perfect time).

One more thing: I take reviews very seriously and rely on them myself. It makes me sick when a buy a product on Amazon, and the company who produces/sold the product offers a bribe to write a good review. I can promise you that this review is truthful and heartfelt.

To sum up, if you are looking for a disability attorney, Nick Ortiz is your man."