What will a claims administrator/insurer do to investigate a claim for long-term disability insurance benefits?

When you file a claim for long-term disability insurance benefits, there’re several things that the administrator is going to in reviewing your case.

Number one, is they may request your medical records from all the doctors you’ve identified.

Number two, is they may send you a form to have filled out by your doctors called an Attending Physician Statement. This may identify the limitations you have as a result of your conditions.

Number three, is they may have your file reviewed by one of their doctors. And their doctor will issue a report saying what they think your limitations may be as a result of your conditions.

Those are perhaps the key pieces of evidence that they’ll consider. Some others may include, if they’ve done an investigation into your social media presence, or the adjuster might come out and do an interview with you. That may be some additional evidence that they consider as part of your claim as well.