When is the Best Time to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

Hi, I’m Nick Ortiz. I’m a board certified Social Security attorney. Today, I’m going talk to you about when is a good time to hire a Social Security attorney to help you in your claim.

I’ve heard lots of different rumors about the best time to hire an attorney. I’ve heard that some attorneys won’t take your case until you’ve been denied twice. I’ve heard some attorneys won’t take your case until you’ve been denied three times. But the reality is that you should hire an attorney as early as possible in the claim process, typically right after you’ve been denied benefits.

First of all, you’re on a time limit to file your appeal. Once you’ve been denied benefits, you only have 60 days to file an appeal, so an attorney’s office can help you file the appeal with the Social Security Administration.

Second of all, an attorney can help you develop the evidence and you want that to occur as early as possible. The evidence may include making sure that we have all your medical records that will help demonstrate what your medical problems are and how they limit you. Another thing is, perhaps giving you some forms for you to take to your doctors. These forms are designed to identify what your limitations are, in addition to the actual diagnosis that you have.

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