Why Are Long Term Disability Claims Often Cutoff After Two Years of Benefits?

Hi, I’m Nick Ortiz. I’m a board-certified disability insurance attorney. We handle long-term disability cases nationwide. Long-term disability is oftentimes shortened to LTD. Today we’re here to talk about why LTD claims are often cut off after two years of benefits.

The primary reason why benefits are cut off after two years is that under most policies, not every policy, but most policies, there’s a change in the way that they’ve defined the term disability. And that change is that under most policies, you are disabled so long as you cannot perform the material duties of your occupation. This is oftentimes referred to as the own oc period because they’re looking at as to whether you can do your own occupation.

But under most policies, after two years or 24 months of benefits, the definition changes such that they look to see whether you can perform the material duties of any occupation, and that’s oftentimes referred to as the any oc period. And therefore in many cases, the insurance company will say we agree that given your medical problems you cannot perform the material duties of your job, but after two years we think that there’s other types of work that you may be able to perform, even taking into account your medical condition. And that’s why they oftentimes will send you a letter cutting you off at the two-year mark.

If you are cut off after two years, it’s very important that you file an appeal and file the appeal within the time required by the cutoff letter. That’s why it’s important to contact an experienced attorney to help walk you through how you can appeal the decision, and how you can prove that your disability not only keeps you from doing your job, or your own occupation, but that it keeps you from being able to do any job, or any oc. So, if your LTD benefits have been cut off by the insurance company after this 24-month period, then I encourage you to contact an experienced LTD attorney.

Now, your cutoff letter should specify a certain time within which you have to file any appeals. In most cases, it’s 180 days from the date on the letter. You should make sure to file your appeal within that time, and the failure to do so is a common mistake that people make. But there are other mistakes that people make as well. That’s why I wrote a book called theTop 10 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Long Term Disability Claim . I encourage you to download a free copy of this book at www.freeltdbook.com, or if you want to talk to someone right away, please give us a call at 850-898-9904. We look forward to hearing from you.