What The Social Security Administration Won’t Tell You About The Disability Application Process

When you apply for disability insurance benefits (DIB, also called SSDI or RSDI), Social Security does not tell you that you can (or should) hire a lawyer to assist you in your claim.

You Have the Right to Representation From the Beginning

The Ortiz Law Firm is a disability law firm that was founded by Nick A. Ortiz, a Board Certified Social Security Disability Attorney. Mr. Ortiz advises claimants about how to get SSDI. Many claimants know they can hire an attorney to assist in the appeal process after a denial. However, many applicants are not aware that the applicant can have representation from the very beginning of the application process. As a result, lots of disability claimants do not get help until they’ve been denied benefits. This, in turn, slows down the claims process unnecessarily.

A Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help Ensure Your Application Is Accurate and Precise

Social Security claims representatives often encourage applicants to submit SSDI and SSI applications and supporting forms that are incomplete or missing information. The SSA claims handlers are more interested in moving the claims along than making sure the applications are accurate and complete. SSDI applicants should slow down and be accurate and precise on the application. Small mistakes in a claim can make the difference between the approval of a claim and a denial.

The disability application process can be time-consuming and tedious. However, you should take your time and make sure everything is done right.

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