Abbreviations in Social Security Disability Claims

This list indentifies many of the common abbreviations used in Social Security Disability claims.


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AACT Abbreviated Account query – Title II
AAJ Administrative Appeals Judge – AC adjudicator
AC Appeals Council
ACE Average Current Earnings – factor used in WC offset calculation
ADL Activities of Daily Living
AI Aged Individual – Title XVI
ALJ Administrative Law Judge
AME Agreed Medical Examiner – WC term
AME Average Monthly Earnings – benefit calculation factor
AOD Alleged Onset of Disability or Alleged Onset Date
AR Acquiescence Ruling
AUSA Assistant U.S. Attorney
BHA Bureau of Hearings and Appeals – former name of ODAR
BO Branch Office – sub-office of a DO
BWO Blind Work Expenses
CAB Civil Actions Branch of AC
CDB Childhood Disability Benefits – Title II
CE Consultive Examination or Examiner / Consultative Examination
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CIB Child’s Insurance Benefits – Title II
COBRA Comprehensive Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment
DAA Drug Addiction and/or Alcoholism / “Drugs and Alcohol”
DAC Disabled Adult Child – Title II
DED Disability Evaluation Division – the state agency
DEQY Detailed Earnings Query – Title II
DDS Disability Determination Service – the state agency
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services – former SSA parent agency
DI Disabled Individual – Title XVI
DIB Disability Insurance Benefits – Title II
DISM Same as DSM, the preferred acronym
DISM Disability Insurance State Manual
DIWC Disabled Individual, Worker or Child – Title II claim type
DJ District Judge
DLI Date Last Insured – Title II disability insured status
DLM Date Last Met – same as DLI
DO District Office – local SSA field office
DOB Date Of Birth
DOE Date Of Entitlement – Title II
DOT Dictionary of Occupational Titles
DSM Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
EAJA Equal Access to Justice Act
EOD Established Onset of Disability
EPE Extended Period of Eligibility – Title II
ER Earnings Record
FBM First Benefit Month
FBR Federal Benefit Rate – Title XVI
FIB Father’s Insurance Benefits – Title II
FMAX Family Maximum – Title II benefit limit
FO Field Office – a DO or a BO
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
GLPSC Great Lakes Program Service Center – PC4
HA Hearing Assistant
HALLEX Hearings, Appeals and Litigation Law [Lex] – OHA policy manual
HCFA Health Care Finance Administration
HE Hearing Examiner – former title of ALJ
HIA Health Insurance, Part A – Medicare
HIB Health Insurance, Part B – Medicare
HOCALJ Hearing Office Chief ALJ
HOA Hearing Office Administrator
HOM Hearing Office Manager
HOSA Hearing Office Systems Administrator
HPI Hearing Process ?Improvement?
IAP Interim Assistance Program – Title XVI
IAR Interim Assistance Reimbursement – Title XVI
ICD International Classification of Diseases
ID Initial Determination
IEP Initial Enrollment Period – SMIB
IFA Individualized Functional Assessment – former SSI child dib. standard
IME Independent Medical Examiner – WC term
IRWE Impairment-Related Work Expense
ISM In-Kind Support & Maintenance – Title XVI
LMER Last Met Earnings Requirement – same as DLI
LPC Legal Processing Clerk
LSDP Lump-Sum Death Payment
MA Medical Advisor – former title of an ME
MAMPSC Mid-America Program Service Center – PC6
MATPSC Mid-Atlantic Program Service Center – PC2
MBR Master Beneficiary Record – Title II
ME Medical Expert – designated physician at OHA level
MER Medical Evidence of Record [also MEOR]
MIB Mother’s Insurance Benefits – Title II
MSS Medical Source Statement
NEPSC NorthEastern Program Service Center – PC1
NH Number Holder – “Wage Earner” – Title II
OASDI Old-Age, Survivor & Disability Insurance – Title II
OCRO Office of Central Records Operations – Baltimore, MD – PC9
ODAR Office of Disability, Adjudication and Review (formerly OHA)
ODIO Office of Disability & International Operations – Baltimore, MD – PC8
ODO Office of Disability Operations
OGC Office of General Counsel
OHA Office of Hearings and Appeals – former name of ODAR
OIG Office of the Inspector General
OOH Occupational Outlook Handbook
OPIR Office of Program Integrity Review
PA Privacy Act
PASS Plan to Achieve Self Support – Title XVI
PCI Payment Cycling Indicator – staggered benefit payment dates
PE Post Entitlement – Title II
PE Post Eligibility – Title XVI
PEBES Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement – Title II
PIA Primary Insurance Amount – base benefit rate
PMV Presumed Maximum Value – Title XVI income term
POMS Program Operations Manual System – SSA claims manual
PPD Permanent Partial Disability – WC term
PPS Program Policy Statement – SSR precursor
PRUCOL Permanent Residence Under Color Of Law
PRW Past Relevant Work
PSC Program Service Center
QA Quality Assurance
QC Quarter of Coverage – Title II
QMB Qualified Medicare Beneficiary
QME Qualified Medical Examiner – WC term
RC Regional Commissioner of SSA
RCALJ Regional Chief ALJ
RFC Residual Functional Capacity
RFH Request For Hearing
RFR Request for Reconsideration
RIB Retirement Insurance Benefits – Title II
RMO Regional Management Officer
RO Regional Office – OHA management unit
RPO Regional Program Officer
RRB Railroad Retirement Board
SDI State Disability Insurance
SDM Single Decision Maker
SEPSC SouthEastern Program Service Center – PC3
SEQY Summary Earnings Query – Title II
SGA Substantial Gainful Activity
SHA Supervisory Hearing Assistant
SIB Spouse’s Insurance Benefits – Title II
SLMB Special Low-income Medicare Beneficiary
SMIB Supplemental Medical Insurance Benefits – same as HIB
SSRT Simple, Routine, Repetitive Task
SSA Social Security Administration
SSA Supervisory Staff Attorney
SSDC Social Security (Title II) and SSI (Title XVI) concurrent claim
SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance – Title II
SSI Supplemental Security Income – Title XVI
SSID SSI Disability
SSID SSI Display – computer query
SSIRD SSI Record Display – computer query
SSLP Social Security Law and Practice – West Group
SSP State Supplementary Payments – optional state SSI add-on
SSPG Social Security Practice Guide – Matthew Bender
SSRS Social Security Reporting Service – West Group
SSR Social Security Ruling
Title 2 Social Security Disability Insurance
Title II Social Security Disability Insurance
Title 16 Supplemental Security Income
Title XVI Supplemental Security Income
TTD Temporary Total Disability – WC term
TWP Trial Work Period – Title II
UI Unearned Income – Title XVI
UI Unemployment Insurance
UP Under-Payment
USC United States Code
USCA United States Code Annotated
UWA Unsuccessful Work Attempt
VE Vocational Expert
VR Vocational Rehabilitation
VTR Value of the one-Third Reduction – Title XVI
WC Worker’s Compensation
WE Wage Earner – Title II
WIB Widow’s Insurance Benefits / Widower’s Insurance Benefits- Title II
WNPSC WesterN Program Service Center – PC5