Abbreviations in Social Security Disability Claims

This list indentifies many of the common abbreviations used in Social Security Disability claims.


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AACTAbbreviated Account query – Title II
AAJAdministrative Appeals Judge – AC adjudicator
ACAppeals Council
ACEAverage Current Earnings – factor used in WC offset calculation
ADLActivities of Daily Living
AIAged Individual – Title XVI
ALJAdministrative Law Judge
AMEAgreed Medical Examiner – WC term
AMEAverage Monthly Earnings – benefit calculation factor
AODAlleged Onset of Disability or Alleged Onset Date
ARAcquiescence Ruling
AUSAAssistant U.S. Attorney
BHABureau of Hearings and Appeals – former name of ODAR
BOBranch Office – sub-office of a DO
BWOBlind Work Expenses
CABCivil Actions Branch of AC
CDBChildhood Disability Benefits – Title II
CEConsultive Examination or Examiner / Consultative Examination
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CIBChild’s Insurance Benefits – Title II
COBRAComprehensive Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
COLACost of Living Adjustment
DAADrug Addiction and/or Alcoholism / “Drugs and Alcohol”
DACDisabled Adult Child – Title II
DEDDisability Evaluation Division – the state agency
DEQYDetailed Earnings Query – Title II
DDSDisability Determination Service – the state agency
DHHSDepartment of Health and Human Services – former SSA parent agency
DIDisabled Individual – Title XVI
DIBDisability Insurance Benefits – Title II
DISMSame as DSM, the preferred acronym
DISMDisability Insurance State Manual
DIWCDisabled Individual, Worker or Child – Title II claim type
DJDistrict Judge
DLIDate Last Insured – Title II disability insured status
DLMDate Last Met – same as DLI
DODistrict Office – local SSA field office
DOBDate Of Birth
DOEDate Of Entitlement – Title II
DOTDictionary of Occupational Titles
DSMDiagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
EAJAEqual Access to Justice Act
EODEstablished Onset of Disability
EPEExtended Period of Eligibility – Title II
EREarnings Record
FBMFirst Benefit Month
FBRFederal Benefit Rate – Title XVI
FIBFather’s Insurance Benefits – Title II
FMAXFamily Maximum – Title II benefit limit
FOField Office – a DO or a BO
FOIAFreedom of Information Act
GLPSCGreat Lakes Program Service Center – PC4
HAHearing Assistant
HALLEXHearings, Appeals and Litigation Law [Lex] – OHA policy manual
HCFAHealth Care Finance Administration
HEHearing Examiner – former title of ALJ
HIAHealth Insurance, Part A – Medicare
HIBHealth Insurance, Part B – Medicare
HOCALJHearing Office Chief ALJ
HOAHearing Office Administrator
HOMHearing Office Manager
HOSAHearing Office Systems Administrator
HPIHearing Process ?Improvement?
IAPInterim Assistance Program – Title XVI
IARInterim Assistance Reimbursement – Title XVI
ICDInternational Classification of Diseases
IDInitial Determination
IEPInitial Enrollment Period – SMIB
IFAIndividualized Functional Assessment – former SSI child dib. standard
IMEIndependent Medical Examiner – WC term
IRWEImpairment-Related Work Expense
ISMIn-Kind Support & Maintenance – Title XVI
LMERLast Met Earnings Requirement – same as DLI
LPCLegal Processing Clerk
LSDPLump-Sum Death Payment
MAMedical Advisor – former title of an ME
MAMPSCMid-America Program Service Center – PC6
MATPSCMid-Atlantic Program Service Center – PC2
MBRMaster Beneficiary Record – Title II
MEMedical Expert – designated physician at OHA level
MERMedical Evidence of Record [also MEOR]
MIBMother’s Insurance Benefits – Title II
MSSMedical Source Statement
NEPSCNorthEastern Program Service Center – PC1
NHNumber Holder – “Wage Earner” – Title II
OASDIOld-Age, Survivor & Disability Insurance – Title II
OCROOffice of Central Records Operations – Baltimore, MD – PC9
ODAROffice of Disability, Adjudication and Review (formerly OHA)
ODIOOffice of Disability & International Operations – Baltimore, MD – PC8
ODOOffice of Disability Operations
OGCOffice of General Counsel
OHAOffice of Hearings and Appeals – former name of ODAR
OIGOffice of the Inspector General
OOHOccupational Outlook Handbook
OPIROffice of Program Integrity Review
PAPrivacy Act
PASSPlan to Achieve Self Support – Title XVI
PCIPayment Cycling Indicator – staggered benefit payment dates
PEPost Entitlement – Title II
PEPost Eligibility – Title XVI
PEBESPersonal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement – Title II
PIAPrimary Insurance Amount – base benefit rate
PMVPresumed Maximum Value – Title XVI income term
POMSProgram Operations Manual System – SSA claims manual
PPDPermanent Partial Disability – WC term
PPSProgram Policy Statement – SSR precursor
PRUCOLPermanent Residence Under Color Of Law
PRWPast Relevant Work
PSCProgram Service Center
QAQuality Assurance
QCQuarter of Coverage – Title II
QMBQualified Medicare Beneficiary
QMEQualified Medical Examiner – WC term
RCRegional Commissioner of SSA
RCALJRegional Chief ALJ
RFCResidual Functional Capacity
RFHRequest For Hearing
RFRRequest for Reconsideration
RIBRetirement Insurance Benefits – Title II
RMORegional Management Officer
RORegional Office – OHA management unit
RPORegional Program Officer
RRBRailroad Retirement Board
SDIState Disability Insurance
SDMSingle Decision Maker
SEPSCSouthEastern Program Service Center – PC3
SEQYSummary Earnings Query – Title II
SGASubstantial Gainful Activity
SHASupervisory Hearing Assistant
SIBSpouse’s Insurance Benefits – Title II
SLMBSpecial Low-income Medicare Beneficiary
SMIBSupplemental Medical Insurance Benefits – same as HIB
SSRTSimple, Routine, Repetitive Task
SSASocial Security Administration
SSASupervisory Staff Attorney
SSDCSocial Security (Title II) and SSI (Title XVI) concurrent claim
SSDISocial Security Disability Insurance – Title II
SSISupplemental Security Income – Title XVI
SSIDSSI Disability
SSIDSSI Display – computer query
SSIRDSSI Record Display – computer query
SSLPSocial Security Law and Practice – West Group
SSPState Supplementary Payments – optional state SSI add-on
SSPGSocial Security Practice Guide – Matthew Bender
SSRSSocial Security Reporting Service – West Group
SSRSocial Security Ruling
Title 2Social Security Disability Insurance
Title IISocial Security Disability Insurance
Title 16Supplemental Security Income
Title XVISupplemental Security Income
TTDTemporary Total Disability – WC term
TWPTrial Work Period – Title II
UIUnearned Income – Title XVI
UIUnemployment Insurance
USCUnited States Code
USCAUnited States Code Annotated
UWAUnsuccessful Work Attempt
VEVocational Expert
VRVocational Rehabilitation
VTRValue of the one-Third Reduction – Title XVI
WCWorker’s Compensation
WEWage Earner – Title II
WIBWidow’s Insurance Benefits / Widower’s Insurance Benefits- Title II
WNPSCWesterN Program Service Center – PC5