Is my claim governed by ERISA?

If you are covered by a Group Long Term Disability Policy through your employment, your claim is probably governed by ERISA. As stated throughout the remainder of this website, if you did not obtain disability coverage through your employer or employee group, and instead purchased it as an individual policy from an insurance agent or broker, then there is a good possibility that your disability claim will not be covered by ERISA and your legal options and remedies are more favorable. Moreover, church and governmental (including most City and University) employees are also exempt from ERISA.

What to Do If You Are Denied Coverage for a Non-ERISA Policy

If you have church policy, a governmental employee policy, or an individual disability policy purchased directly from an agent or broker then you may not have to appeal the denial before filing a lawsuit. In these instances, you should consult an attorney immediately. You can reach The Ortiz Law Firm at 850-898-9904.