Will I Be Eligible For Medicaid and/or Medicare Health Insurance?

Yes, if you are awarded either social security disability insurance benefits and/or supplemental security income (SSI), then you are eligible for health insurance benefits as well. The type of health benefits depends on the type of disability benefits.

If you win your claim for Title II disability insurance benefits, then you are eligible for federal Medicare benefits. The one caveat is that there is a long waiting period before these benefits are payable. In short, Medicare benefits begin two years and five months after the disability onset date in disability insurance claims.

In Title XVI Supplemental Security Income claims, you are eligible for state Medicaid benefits. There is no waiting period for Medicaid. A disabled claimant is eligible for Medicaid benefits as of the disability onset date.

In “concurrent claims” where the claimant is eligible for both disability insurance benefits and SSI benefits, then the claimant may be eligible for Medicaid during the first 2 years and 5 months of the disability, and then eligible for Medicare after the 2 year 5 month elimination period.