What is Short Term Disability Insurance?

Note: Please be advised that the Ortiz Law Firm does not typically handle Short Term Disability claims, except in limited circumstances where the claimant has “exhausted” all available administrative appeals and must file a lawsuit.

Short Term Disability benefits (sometimes referred to as “STD” benefits for short) provide vital income protection to individuals immediately after the onset of a disabling condition.

Short Term Disability insurance is designed to replace a specific percentage of your pre-disability income during the first few weeks or months after the onset of a disabling illness or accident. Policies typically provide coverage for a period of six months to a year. Short Term Disability benefits are often an important source of income until Long Term Disability benefits begin.

You can typically purchase Short Term Disability Insurance benefits from an insurance agent or through your employer.

Some benefits you might obtain include:

  • Weekly benefit payments, which will pay you a portion of your pre-disability earnings on a weekly basis for term length of your policy;
  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program benefits, which can provide benefit incentives related to vocational (job) rehabilitation, dependent (child) care, workplace modifications and more.