Should I Apply For Social Security SSD, SSI or Both?

There are several different types of Social Security Disability benefits. The primary two are Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (commonly shortened to SSD, SSDI or DIB) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). We are commonly asked whether the claimant should file for SSD, SSI or both.

I hate to say this, but the answer really depends on your individual circumstances. Those who do not have enough work credits and have limited income, assets and resources should apply for SSI.  Anyone who has worked long enough to earn enough work credits (quarters of coverage) should apply for Social Security disability.  But keep in mind that many people may qualify under both programs of benefits.

You should contact a lawyer who handles Social Security disability cases or contact Social Security directly to see what benefits you may qualify for. Mr. Ortiz is a Board Certified Social Security Disability Attorney and he offers free disability case evaluations. Contact the Ortiz Law Firm today at 850-898-9904 for a free consultation.