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AIG Benefit Solutions: Long-Term Disability Insurance

AIG is short for American International Group.

Who is AIG and why does it appear to have so many corporate names?

AIG sells numerous different insurance products. It markets its disability benefit products under the name of AIG Benefit Solutions. Insurance laws differ in each state. Thus, AIG has different subsidiary companies which underwrite and sell disability insurance policies.

If you have an AIG disability policy, it may have been issued by any of the following: American General Life Insurance Company of Delaware, American General Life Insurance Company, The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York, or National Union Fire Insurance Company.

Why do you need AIG disability insurance?

An accident or serious illness can result in an extended leave of absence from work, and that could cause a substantial loss of income. Disability insurance helps protects one’s continued income should a disability prevent an employee from working.

AIG sells and manage both short-term and long-term disability insurance policies and claims.

Most of the disability policies sold by AIG are through group plans with large employers or via professional group associations such as medical or legal associations. For example, in the past AIG sold an association disability policy to members of the American Bar Association for attorneys. Most disability insurance policies sold through a group association are exempt from ERISA, which puts many AIG policy holders at an advantage over employees with ERISA-governed policies.

The good news is that it seems AIG disability benefit claims are approved more often than they are denied. Yet, AIG does deny claims. AIG is a publicly traded insurance company. Their claims handlers are trained to look for reasons to deny or delay claims.

Mr. Ortiz is a disability attorney and he works with clients on AIG long term disability claims at all stages of the process.

Hiring a Disability Attorney If Your LTD Claim is Denied or Terminated

Mr. Ortiz is an experienced disability attorney and he represents AIG claimants at the appeal or lawsuit stage of a disability claim. Mr. Ortiz offers free initial consultations and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your claim with you.

Mr. Ortiz has successfully represented many owners of long-term disability insurance policies who were denied disability insurance benefits. If you have a long term disability insurance policy and your claim has been delayed, denied or cut-off, you should seek assistance from an AIG disability lawyer.

If your AIG disability insurance claim has been denied, or if you feel that AIG is simply giving you difficulty in the claim process, call our office today at 850-308-7833 for a free case evaluation to learn how the Ortiz Law Firm can help.