Has Disability Reinsurance Management Services Denied Or Terminated Your Claim? Act Now For Relief

Dealing With Disability Reinsurance Management Services

Disability Reinsurance Management Services (often called “Disability RMS” for short) was founded in 1993. Disability RMS is an independent, third-party administrator and consulting firm that manages individual and group disability products, including long-term disability policies. This means that some self-insured companies and insurance companies outsource their disability claims management to Disability RMS.

Disability RMS moved its headquarters to the Southborough Office Park in South Portland, Maine, in early 2016. Disability RMS employs over 350 claims management associates. At the individual or group level, Disability RMS’ Administrative Services supports both individual and group long-term disability insurance claims.

Attorney for Disability Management Services Denials

If you have a long-term disability claim that was managed by Disability RMS and your benefits were denied or terminated, you should consult with an experienced disability attorney right away.

The Ortiz Law Firm has extensive experience in representing disability claimants when their benefits have been wrongfully denied or cut off. Call 850-308-7833 for a free case evaluation to discuss your legal rights.