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MassMutual Insurance Company Denies Disability Claims

Long Term disability (LTD) benefits are supposed to replace your wages in the event that you become disabled and unable to work. If you are insured with Mass Mutual, then you may have LTD benefits as part of a group plan offered by your employer. However, most group plans only pay you 60% of your pre-disability earnings. In order to bridge the income gap between your true wages and your group benefits, you may have purchased an individual disability insurance (DI) plan.

MassMutual actually has a pretty accurate video of why disability insurance benefits are so important:

Unfortunately, long term disability insurance companies like MassMutual often do not pay out the benefits they should.

Types of Issues in a MassMutual Disability Claim

As an disability insurance attorney, Nick A. Ortiz has represented numerous clients with their long-term disability claims against insurance companies like Mass Mutual. If you’ve found this page, you are probably a disability claimant in need of professional legal services in connection with a long-term disability insurance policy or disability income policy purchased from Mass Mutual, including one of the following:

  • An application for long-term disability (LTD) benefits with Mass Mutual;
  • Monthly claim handling of a MassMutual LTD insurance claim;
  • An ERISA appeal of a MassMutual denial of long-term disability benefits;
  • Lawsuit against Mass Mutual for the wrongful denial of long-term disability benefits;
  • A lump-sum buyout offer of a Mass Mutual long-term disability insurance policy; and/or
  • Formal complaints against MassMutual for the wrongful delay and/or denial of long-term disability benefits.

Nick Ortiz is an Experienced MassMutual Long Term Disability Attorney

When your claim for Long Term Disability benefits has been improperly denied, or wrongfully terminated, it is important to find an attorney with extensive experience handling LTD claims, appeals and lawsuits. Florida disability attorney Nick A. Ortiz has helped numerous disabled persons obtain the Long Term Disability (“LTD”) insurance benefits they rightfully deserve.

We prepare and file your internal administrative appeal with the insurance company, collecting medical evidence and opinion evidence to maximize the chances that your LTD claim will be approved or reinstated. If your internal appeals are “exhausted”, we are prepared to file a lawsuit against the insurance company to get you put back on claim or to obtain a favorable settlement.

The Ortiz Law Firm usually handles Long Term Disability claims on a Contingency Fee basis, which means that we charge a percentage of the amount of benefits recovered. Moreover, if there is no recovery, you do not have a fee.  If your internal administrative appeal is successful and your monthly benefits are reinstated, we charge a percentage of the back pay that is owed and a percentage of your future monthly benefits for 12 months.  We also advance any expenses.

As an experienced Long Term Disability lawyer, Mr. Ortiz approaches every case with intelligence and experience. He is familiar with strategies and tactics the insurance companies use to deny legitimate claims. Mr. Ortiz uses this knowledge to maximize the chances of securing the long term disability benefits that you deserve.

Why Should I Hire Nick A. Ortiz?

The Ortiz Law Firm was founded by attorney Nick A. Ortiz, who has over a decade of litigation experience and has successfully handled dozens of Long Term Disability Appeals & Lawsuits. Mr. Ortiz prides himself on client satisfaction. He has a 5.0 star client rating with Martindale Hubbell and a 10.0 (supurb) rating from the lawyer rating service AVVO.  In 2014, Mr. Ortiz was nominated and accepted into The National Advocates: Top 100 Lawyers for Social Security disability law, which “is an invitation-only national organization composed of America’s Premier Lawyers. Membership is extended solely to a select few of the most qualified attorneys from each state who exemplify superior qualifications of leadership, reputation, influence, stature and profile as lawyers practicing in designated aspects of the law.”

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