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Prudential Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

Prudential is one of the largest group long term disability insurance companies in the United States. Benefits from a Prudential long term disability insurance policy are meant to replace (some) of your wages in the event that you become unable to work due to an injury or disability. Unfortunately, many Prudential policyholders are denied the disability benefits they rightfully deserve. Some claimants are denied from the initial application or claim for Prudential benefits. Others have their benefits terminated or cut-off after having initially been approved.

We have discussed the wrongful denial or termination of benefits with numerous claimants, most of whom are extremely upset that Prudential denied their benefits at the very moment when they need them most. Receiving a denial letter can be upsetting and frustrating; however, the insurance company’s initial decision or cessation of benefits is not the end of the process. You have rights. Depending on the circumstances of your claim and the language of the Prudential disability insurance policy affording your coverage, you have the right to either: (1) appeal the decision through an internal appeals process directly with Prudential, or (2) file an ERISA lawsuit with assistance from an experienced Prudential long term disability lawyer.

Get Legal Support During the Claims Process: Contact our LTD Claim Lawyer

At the Ortiz Law Firm, we understand how important long term disability benefits can be to you and your family when you are sick and injured and unable to work. We also understand how difficult it can be to maintain the physical and mental stamina to file a claim when you are already drained due to dealing with an injury or disability.

You do not have to face the appeals process alone, however. Mr. Ortiz is an experienced Prudential LTD claims lawyer with the skill and insight to help you understand your disability insurance coverage and to help you file a claim for the benefits you are entitled to.

Legal Advice on the Claims Appeal Process

Unfortunately, a large percentage of disability claims filed with Prudential are denied. Prudential disability insurance policyholders have contacted us regarding the wrongful denial of benefits or the improper termination of benefits. Despite the fear that this is “the end of the road”, the insurance company’s denial or termination of benefits is not final.  You have the right to appeal directly with the insurance company or file a lawsuit.

We work closely with our clients in developing the claim file. Mr. Ortiz and his staff will help you understand the reasoning behind Prudential’s denial, and help you understand what is important in the appeals process. In doing so, we advise our clients on the steps to take to maximize the chance of winning an appeal, including:

  • Understanding the reasoning behind the denial;
  • Gathering any documentation specifically requested by the insurance company;
  • Gathering all other necessary evidence, including medical records, medical bills and job descriptions;
  • Working with doctors to obtain their opinions as to the claimant’s “residual functional capacity” given the claimant’s physical and/or mental medical conditions;
  • Potentially working with other experts such as accountants and vocational experts to gather expert witness opinions to support the claim;
  • Understanding the disability policy and what is required to satisfy the claimant’s “Proof of Loss”;
  • Completing the appeals forms; and
  • Filing the appeal within the time limits allowed.

If the internal appeals process with Prudential fails, we help clients file an ERISA lawsuit for the review of the case by a federal judge.

Prudential Long Term Disability Attorney

Attorney Nick A. Ortiz has successfully represented many Prudential disability insurance policyholders in their fight to obtain or maintain their disability benefits.

We work with clients on Prudential short term disability (STD) claims in addition to long term disability insurance claims.

If your claim has been improperly denied, delayed or terminated, contact our office online or call 850-308-7833 to schedule a free case evaluation to discuss your specific Prudential long term disability claims concerns