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If your employer provides group Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance through The Standard, you should receive income replacement if you experience a covered illness, injury or pregnancy. The monthly benefit payments is intended to help with the bills, like your mortgage or rent, that continue even when you can’t work — expenses health insurance won’t cover.

However, The Standard does not always pay on its LTD policies and denies disability claims. You can see numerous complaints about The Standard’s disability claims handling on the Consumer Affairs website, where The Standard has a one star satisfaction rating out of five stars. (As of December 20, 2014, there were 17 reviews – 82% were 1 star ratings and 18% were two star ratings. There were no three, four or five star reviews.). The consumer who wrote the review dated December 2, 2014 states, ” If you have filed a claim with The Standard get a lawyer, you will need him.”

The Standard denies Long Term Disability claims in one of two ways. First, the claim may be denied from the outset, which means that the disability application is denied. Second, the benefits may be cut-off at some point. Such a cessation in benefits typically occurs after approximately two years of receiving benefits. This is because the definition of “Total Disability” changes after 24 months from an “own occupation” standard to an “any occupation” standard.

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If your Long Term Disability claim has been denied or your benefits have been cut-off, you should obtain a free consultation with an experienced LTD attorney. Mr. Ortiz has handled numerous long term disability claims against The Standard. Contact The Ortiz Law Firm at 850-308-7833 for a consultation.