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The Hartford insurance company provides insurance coverage to millions of people across the United States. In 2003, the Hartford purchased CNS Insurance Services’ group life and disability (and medical and accident) business, expanding its own group benefits division. The Hartford now sells both Short-Term Disability (STD) policies and Long-Term Disability (LTD) policies. Each is intended to replace part of an employee’s income in the event that the employee is unable to work because of a disabling injury or illness.

The Hartford Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

Both Short-Term Disability benefits and Long-Term Disability benefits replace a percentage of your pay if you are unable to work due to a covered disabling accident or illness. Typically, STD plans provide coverage for about three to six months, while Long-Term Disability plans provide coverage after the STD period ends and may pay benefits for several more months or years.

While The Hartford collects premiums for Short-Term and Long-Term Disability coverage, unfortunately the insurance company does not always honor its end of the bargain and pay benefits when it should do so. All too often, both short-term and long-term disability claims are denied, delayed or terminated.

In fact, ABC’s Good Morning America has aired news reports on The Hartford insurance’s treatment of disabled individuals. As you can see in the clip below, Chris Cuomo reports on how The Hartford wrongfully terminated a disability claim by Jack “Rocky” Whitten (you may have to watch a brief commercial in order to view the video):

The above “GMA” story on insurance company surveillance led to other mistreated disability policyholders contacting Good Morning America to share more allegations of abuse and stories of having their disability benefits terminated. In 2010, Good Morning America aired a follow-up segment titled: ‘GMA Gets Answers’: Disabled Claimants Fight Back.

In certain other situations, The Hartford may pay some benefits, but does not pay the full amount it should and instead offers reduced payments. This is when it is important to hire a disability attorney who has experience in dealing with The Hartford to assist you in collecting the benefits you deserve.

At the Ortiz Law Firm, we believe that insurance companies should honor the disability insurance contract you purchased when you’ve upheld your end of the bargain by paying your premiums.

Many Hartford disability insurance policyholders have contacted us regarding The Hartford’s challenges to their claims for benefits. We represent claimants whose applications for LTD benefits were denied. But we also represent claimants who were being paid benefits that were suddenly terminated.

With over a decade of experience in handling insurance claims, our LTD claims attorney has the knowledge and skill needed to help you obtain or hold onto the benefits you deserve under your long term disability plan with The Hartford.

Legal Representation in Your Claim for Benefits

You may be able to file your initial claim for long term benefits alone. However, even “strong” claims that seem to have plenty of evidence to document the disability and qualify for benefits may be denied. A denial is not the end of the claim process, however. Having our assistance can dramatically improve your chances of having your appeal approved if your application is denied. We work closely with our clients and offer legal advice at each in the claims process. We assist our clients in:

  • Helping you understand the reason for your denial;
  • Gathering necessary evidence for the appeal, including medical records, medical bills, job descriptions, bank statements and pay stubs;
  • Obtaining doctors’ opinions as to your limitations due to your medical condition(s);
  • Understanding the requirements of your long term disability policy, and helping you gather the documents necessary to satisfy your “proof of loss”;
  • Documenting your claim file in the manner that offers the best chance of approval;
  • Completing the appeals paperwork; and
  • Filing your appeal within the allotted time frame.

In the event that your appeal is also denied, we also assist clients in:

  • Filing a lawsuit under federal ERISA regulations; and
  • Preparing your case for review by a federal judge during the ERISA lawsuit.

An experienced long term disability attorney will be able to advise you whether you must appeal the decision through an internal administrative review process with The Hartford or by filing an ERISA lawsuit to have your case reviewed by a federal judge.

Start and Check Claims

If you want to start a disability claim with The Hartford or check on an existing claim, you can do so here:

The Hartford’s Contact Information:
The Hartford at Work Customer Service: 1-877-778-1383. 8AM – 8PM (ET).
Leave of Absence Support: 1-888-651-0393. 9AM – 9PM (ET).
Critical Illness: 1-866-547-4205. 9AM – 9PM (ET).

If you have a Short-term Disability, Long-term Disability, Life or Accidental Death & Dismemberment policy with The Hartford you may send correspondence to the address below. You should always include your name, address, phone number and policy number:

Group Benefits
The Hartford
P.O. Box 2999
Hartford, CT 06104-2999

The Hartford LTD Claims Lawyer

Attorney Nick A. Ortiz has many years of experience with Hartford long term disability claims and has worked with many Hartford group disability policyholders who have had their LTD claims improperly denied, delayed and terminated.

Although much of the discussion here has been on LTD claims, Mr. Ortiz does work with clients on Hartford long term disability insurance claims.

If you need help with a Hartford disability claim, contact our office online or call 850-308-7833 for a free case evaluation to discuss the specifics of your case with our experienced LTD insurance lawyers.