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You had the foresight to purchase long term disability insurance benefits to replace your lost income in the event that you become unable to work due to an injury or disability. You’ve consistently paid your disability insurance premiums month after month, year after year, or even decade after decade. You suffer a debilitating injury or develop a disabling medical condition that keeps you from being able to work on a consistent basis.

The last thing you ever imagined or want to hear is that the insurance company you’ve been paying has decided not to approve your disability claim. That means the carrier has refused to pay you the long term disability benefits that you are entitled to under your LTD policy.

Unum has acquired and taken over all long-term disability policies issued by Provident Life and Accident, UnumProvident, First Unum Life, Colonial Life & Accident Insurance, and The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often. UNUM denies legitimate disability claims, leaving the claimants without the very benefits they thought would be there in their time of need.  Long term disability claimants are left scrambling to figure out how to pay for their food, shelter, and other monthly bills, and leave them wondering how they will support their families.

If this has happened to you, then you are not alone. UNUM has a history of denying legitimate disability claims.  The following is a clip from the news investigation program 60 Minutes, which did a piece on UNUM’s disability claims process:

Pensacola, Florida UNUM Claim Denial Attorney is Ready to Fight for You

Many individuals with UNUM long term disability insurance policies need to hire a UNUM disability lawyer to help them fight for their benefits.

At the Ortiz Law Firm, we understand how frustrating it can be to be denied by UNUM. Mr. Ortiz is a UNUM disability insurance attorney who has worked with numerous clients who have received denial letters from UNUM claims representatives. Some claimants are denied from the initial application, while others receive benefit cessation letters – which means their benefits are being “cut-off” or terminated. The experience we have gained while helping past clients fight insurance companies like UNUM has given us great insight into the best steps to take to improve your chances of recovering benefits against UNUM.

When you are attempting to obtain long term disability benefits under a policy offered by UNUM (or attempting to have benefits reinstated), you should:

  • Hire an experienced UNUM disability insurance claims lawyer. While it is possible to file a claim for UNUM benefits without legal representation, our assistance in the process may make the difference between an approval and a denial. However, if you filed your claim on your own and received notice that UNUM has denied your claim, it is even more strongly recommended that you do not proceed through the appeal process without an attorney.
  • One of our firm’s guiding philosophies is that knowledge is power. This is especially true when dealing with UNUM insurance company. Filing a successful claim for UNUM disability benefits can be stressful, difficult, and downright overwhelming. Our familiarity and knowledge of UNUM’s claims handling procedures can be invaluable during your pursuit of benefits. Mr. Ortiz has experience in reviewing UNUM’s claims requirements, the reasons they deny claims and the mistakes to avoid while filing a disability claim.
  • Do not be intimidated! UNUM has earned a reputation for having a burdensome claims procedure, intimidating their policy-holders, and offering “low ball” lump sum settlements just to make claimants go away. When your financial survival is on the line, you must not let yourself be intimidated by UNUM and its claims representatives. Mr. Ortiz is a UNUM denial claims lawyer who has stood up to disability insurance companies time and time again, and has successfully recovered benefits for dozens of clients who were entitled to long term disability benefits.
  • Explore every available avenue in the claims process. If you have been denied, you have the right to file a certain number of appeals directly with UNUM. Should you exhaust your appeals and administrative remedies, you have the right to file a lawsuit under the ERISA act, which will be reviewed by a federal judge. Our staff will help you understand all of your options under ERISA, and will guide you through every option available to you.
  • Determine whether your claim is even covered by ERISA. In limited circumstances – such as where you are a government employee or purchased an individual disability insurance policy – you may have the right to go directly to state court (and not federal court) without filing any appeals. An experienced UNUM insurance attorney will help you determine whether your claim is subject to state law or ERISA. In Florida, state laws protect policyholders much more than ERISA regulations.

UNUM Contact Information

If you have a disability claim with UNUM, you can contact them using the contact information below:

Unum Life Insurance Company of America
The Benefits Center
PO Box 100158
Columbia, SC 29202-3158
Phone: 1-800-858-6843
Fax: 1-800-447-2498

Unum Denies Disability Claims

Unum Insurance Company, formerly Unum Provident, is one of the largest disability insurance carriers in the industry. Unum has a long history of denying claims in bad faith. In this section I will link to court cases and news articles detailing some of the sordid details of how Unum has denied legitimate disability claims in the past.

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