Disability And Injury Article Collection

When you suffer an injury that keeps you from work or you are hurt in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you have rights to compensation. Learn more about those rights and how to protect them with help from this informative collection of articles by our experienced disability and injury attorneys.

  • Pericarditis and Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

    What is pericarditis? The heart is held in place and supported by the pericardium, a two-layer wall separated by fluid. This fluid keeps the pericardium and heart from rubbing up against each other. Pericarditis occurs when the layers of the pericardium become inflamed and enlarged. This can cause the layers to become irritated or constricted. […]

  • Cancer and Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

    Can I Receive Long Term Disability If I Have Cancer? A cancer diagnosis is frightening. You are worried about your health but also your finances. How will you pay for monthly bills if you cannot work? Can you receive long term disability (LTD) benefits if you have cancer? The short answer is maybe. Most LTD […]

  • How the Long Term Disability Insurance Company Uses Medical Evidence to Decide Whether You Can Work

    Long term disability cases are heavily decided by the medical evidence that is provided. Medical evidence can be from many different doctors and can take time to gather. Providing the insurance company with sufficient and timely medical records, you are decreasing the potential for a denial. Proving Your Disability The longest and most tedious process […]

  • Doc says I Can’t Work. But the Insurance Company Won’t Approve Me. What Should I Do?

    What to do when your doctor says you can’t work but the insurance company won’t approve your disability. Question: I have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, and I cannot work. I have been receiving treatment, but the doctor says that I am still too sick to return to work. I have exhausted my […]

  • LTD Insurance Companies

    At The Ortiz Law Firm, we carefully review each disability insurance claim referred to us. Both of the attorneys in the firm – Mr. Ortiz and Ms. Hauser – are admitted to practice before every state and federal court in the State of Florida. Moreover, despite being located in Florida, the Ortiz Law Firm represents […]

  • Post-Concussive Syndrome and Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

    What is Post-Concussive Syndrome? A concussion is a head injury that causes a temporary loss of normal brain functions. Many people recover from a head injury with few or no persistent symptoms. Other experience symptoms for weeks, months, or even years after the original date of injury. This collection of associated symptoms is referred to […]

  • Cognitive Impairment and Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

    What is cognitive impairment? Cognitive impairment is a difficulty in thinking, remembering, learning new things, understanding, and making decisions. Cognitive impairment ranges from mild cases, where a person may seem just forgetful, to severe cases where the person may not be able to communicate or take care of themselves. Cognitive impairment is caused by a […]

  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

    What is Alzheimer’s Disease? Alzheimer’s disease, often referred to as Alzheimer’s by itself, is a type of dementia that causes progressive memory loss and impaired mental functioning. While common, it is a devastating diagnosis that can seriously disrupt a person’s life, eventually leading to their death. It is the sixth leading cause of death in […]

  • Fibromyitis and Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

    What is Fibromyitis? Fibromyitis is inflammation of the muscle and fibrous tissue, which is frequently followed by degeneration of the muscle fibers. Fibromyitis is generally an acute condition that is caused by injury or accidents. It can occur as part of a chronic condition, though it is not an underlying cause. Diagnosing Fibromyitis Fibromyitis is […]

  • Four Traps That May Disable Your Long Term Disability Claim

    This Article Also Contains Tips to Help You Build A Strong Administrative File The long term disability process can be long and frustrating. Having to speak to doctors, lawyers, and insurance representatives can be tiresome, especially if you are dealing with the daily frustrations of your disability. Creating a complete administrative file will help you […]