Disability And Injury Article Collection

When you suffer an injury that keeps you from work or you are hurt in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you have rights to compensation. Learn more about those rights and how to protect them with help from this informative collection of articles by our experienced disability and injury attorneys.

  • Case Results

    Family Practitioner with Short Term Memory Impairment Approved for Long Term Disability Benefits MetLife terminated this claim based on information in the claimant’s file which indicated that he was able to perform the duties of his own occupation, including an independent medical evaluation (IME) and the opinion of MetLife’s in-house psychologist. We provided a copy […]

  • Considerations for Perfecting A Disability Claim

    Administrative File The claim file referred to as the administrative file is the entire claim file that can be presented in court. Nothing can be added to the file once it is presented to the judge. In addition, you will want to have all the documents from the insurance company that outlines eligibility requirements and […]

  • Cancer and Long Term Disability

    Can I Receive Long Term Disability If I Have Cancer? A cancer diagnosis is frightening. You are worried about your health but also your finances. How will you pay for monthly bills if you cannot work? Can you receive long term disability (LTD) benefits if you have cancer? The short answer is “maybe”. Most LTD […]

  • How to Apply For Long Term Disability Benefits: 7 Steps to Completing the Application

    Before you apply for long term disability benefits, it is helpful to know how the process will work. After you have exhausted your short term disability benefits (this is usually a requirement), you can apply for long term disability benefits. With some insurance companies a short term disability benefit claim will roll over into a […]

  • Arthritis vs. Arthralgia: What’s the Difference?

    Are you having joint pain? Not sure if you have arthritis or arthralgia? Both conditions can cause joint pain and discomfort. But each condition also has distinctive characteristics that make them different. In this article, we will discuss the symptoms, causes, and diagnosis of both arthritis and arthralgia. Arthralgia actual means joint pain. When you […]

  • The Field Interview in Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

    In this article we are going to discuss the field interview requests that commonly come from long-term disability insurance companies. The field interview request is when the insurance company says, “We want to send someone to your home to meet with you to discuss your claim.” In this article, we want to address some of […]

  • Rotator Cuff Tear Injuries and Long Term Disability Insurance Claim

    What is a Rotator Cuff Injury? Four tendons surround the shoulder joint, attaching the muscle to the bone and allowing the arm to move freely. Since these tendons rotate the shoulder within the joint, these four tendons are commonly referred to as the rotator cuff. Rotator cuff injuries are one of the most common injuries […]

  • The Challenges Surgeons Face When Filing for Long Term Disability

    Surgeons are considered to be the most skilled of all medical professionals. The very nature of surgery is complex and requires that the surgeon be physically and mentally prepared for surgery every time they operate on a patient. So when a surgeon becomes disabled and needs to file a long-term disability claim, it may be […]

  • Knee Disorders and Long Term Disability Claims

    Most people find it difficult to imagine doing anything without walking. Walking is an essential part of modern life; even the most sedentary office worker must walk to the copier or into the breakroom for lunch. To walk effectively, a person must have two functioning knees or at least one functioning knee and an assistive […]

  • Polychondritis and Long Term Disability

    What is polychondritis? Polychondritis, frequently called Relapsing Polychondritis, is a rare autoimmune condition that causes painful and destructive inflammation in cartilage and connective tissues. People with relapsing polychondritis experience flare-ups of painful swelling that can last weeks or months before subsiding. They may not experience any symptoms for months or years before experiencing another flare-up. […]