LTD Insurance Companies

At The Ortiz Law Firm, we carefully review each disability insurance claim referred to us. Both of the attorneys in the firm – Mr. Ortiz and Ms. Hauser – are admitted to practice before every state and federal court in the State of Florida.

Moreover, despite being located in Florida, the Ortiz Law Firm represents clients across the United States!

The Ortiz Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars in wrongfully denied insurance benefits. We have litigated claims against all the major insurance companies, including Cigna, Unum, MetLife, The Hartford, Aetna, and more. Despite the fact the insurance companies have billions of dollars of resources behind them, The Ortiz Law Firm does not fear a single one of them.

Some insurance companies hire outside claims administrators to review and decide claims. We also handle claims against “first-party” plan administrators and against “third-party” claims administrators. Such administrators are indicated in parenthesis below.

Call The Ortiz Law Firm if you have a disability insurance policy through any insurer, including (but not limited to):

You may have obtained your disability insurance policy through a broker such as:

  • AMA Insurance Agency

Disability policies are a constantly evolving written insurance product. Each insurance company’s policy is different from the rest. Even policies written by the same insurance company changes from year to year. You should seriously consider having an attorney on your side to help you in interpreting your disability policy in your favor.